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HU 1985
Lili utazásai

Judit Fenákel: Lili utazásai (Working title: Lili’s Travels)

novel, 110 pages (Hungary, 1985)

Rather than traveling in the world, Lili travels only in the landscapes of her own life. She is 38 years old, hospitalized, and her narrow life, governed by a sense of duty, passes before her. In the microcosm of her memories swirls the day on which she forgot how to live. Now she could almost believe that there is no sense in continuing this life, and that it is too late for a new beginning.
She arrives at the understanding that she is cabable of giving a new direction to her life. She becomes aware that work, love, life can be more than a treadmill of obligation, namely a source of the joy, context, and happiness of an independent, adult human being.
Lili now has to learn again to live, now at the side of her companion Vince.


Judit Fenákel shows us how we live and how we could live; she tells of real conflicts; her humor is outstanding, which cannot be overvalued in this era of the stagnation of modern literature.
(Anna Földes in Népszabadság)

Lili’s Travels, by Judit Fenákel, doubtless belongs to the best of Hungarian literature.
(Gábor Bányai in Élet és Irodalom)

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