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HU 1976 DDR 1982
Az igazi nagy nö Das Kellerrestaurant

Judit Fenákel: Az igazi nagy nö working title: "A Woman of the World",

Roman, 123 S. (Ungarn, 1976 DDR, 1982)

In the small town Várkony there is one of everything: one theater, one hotel, one newspaper, and of course one night club, where the local artists, intellectuals, and those who want to be, meet daily. They drink, smoke, muse, and dream of the woman of the world.
Lilla Gidai, alias Manyi Szabo, is the constant topic of conversation among the men of the town; she is the unfulfilled dream, the fairy tale, the illusion, the life that all wish to live.
Every evening she sweeps into the club. Sometimes with black hair, sometimes with red, she wears fashionable tight-fitting trousers, blouses with a plunging décolletage, with costume jewelry glistening on her neck. She is always enveloped in a cloud of perfume. The locals don’t have a chance with her.
Lilla belongs to no one, and so she belongs to all. In the provincial boredom, she is the change of pace after the emptiness of everyday life, the ultimate feast. There is a regular Gidai circle of friends, and everyone knows something to tell about Lilla...
The story of Lilla Gidai shows how a girl with an interest in the outside world effectively uses the opportunity to escape the provincial milieu. In the eyes of those left at home, it seems to be the correct path. Yet when the first-person narrator encounters her by chance in Budapest, doubt arises...

Judit Fenákel’s biting critique of provincial life and the rapid surrender of ideals together with her creation of believable characters makes the novel a pleasure to read.

The novel was a success in the DDR in 1982 (The Cellar Restaurant)

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